Windows Falling out of Urban Outfitters Retail Stores

The dismal scene of the aftermath in the wake of what some standers by called the “most scariest thing I seen while just going shopping.”

A group of local Poli-Sci students had the idea to make the second floor of Urban Outfitters the epicenter of a creative ‘impeach Donald Trump’ show of solidarity photo. Placing the palms of their hands against the glass from wall to wall a designated person was to snap the picture outside at ground level. 

Tragedy struck like white hot lightning when the windows began to give way crashing to the cement below. Employees said it sounded like they were “in a glass factory and a bomb went off.” The student responsible for the photography vanished and was unnavailable for comment, but mentioned off the record, believes Trump is behind the faulty windows and even thinks a traitor  infiltrated the gang. 

Their professor anointed the committee and commended them nonetheless for their revolutionary efforts. Stark Enterprises of Crocker Park replaced the glass on behalf of the students. Their professor’s younger sister holds a prominent position at Stark so it “wasn’t a huge deal.” Window Nation, a glass manufacturer based nearby, declined interview regarding allegations of hot and fresh contracts with Trump Tower utilizing their proprietary “eagle killing” impact proof window technology. ‘Merica is back!
E.L. Fudgepacker


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